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Rachael Barnes has been writing about Silverwood Academy for almost three years. In her make-believe world, vampire hunters train up and coming slayers to defeat the bloodsuckers that hide in the dark corners. But when Rachael kills off her main character, everything starts to get strange. An earthquake, her cat acting crazy, and friends from her old job begin to question where she’s been. Just when Rachael begins to question her sanity, a knock at her door confirms she’s either lost her mind or written herself into her story. Will Rachael survive as the next new student at Silverwood Academy?

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Two families at war, a daughter locked away, forbidden love…

Can Ella and Rome overcome the obstacles standing in their way and find a way to be together? Ella Sinders knows her family hates her. When her stepmother refuses to let her leave the house, she is content to lose herself in her work. Until she receives an unexpected phone call from someone who turns out to be the son of her father’s nemesis—and a voice she just can’t get out of her head. Rome Verona doesn’t know the man his father has hated for so many years has a daughter until he stumbles upon her existence by accident. Now that he’s gotten a taste of her, he doesn’t ever want to let her go. Can two star-crossed lovers find a way to bring their families together and give their love a chance? Or will it all end in tragedy? A modern day retelling of Cinderella meets Romeo and Juliet.

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Bree remembers the time in high school when Trent almost kissed her. Now, years later, she’s still thinking about what could’ve been. She graduates from college and becomes a successful musician, but when she’s hired to sing at a wedding, she has no idea what she’s walking into.
Trent fell in love with Bree when they were just kids, but the timing was never right. So… he’s with someone else, and he loves her. But when Bree is hired to sing at his wedding, all of those old feelings come back. How can he break off what he has with his fiancee for what might be with Bree?

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Featured Romance Book of the Week

Jordane’s Hunger by Tia Didmon

Fight or die. Can love make you choose both?

Kiki Sanchez is the best agent to graduate the PIA in years. Her skills have made her the newest member of the death squad and the owner of the most technologically advanced weapon in the agency. When she learns the true cost of that power and who it belongs too, she must make an excruciating choice. Tell the truth about her past or watch everyone she cares about die.

Jordane is the leader of the warriors. A select pack who police the demon race. He is the strongest, fastest, most resilient member of his species and he has waited thousands of years for his mate. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with him. Can he gain her trust in time to save his brothers or will her secret rip his world apart?

Enjoy the next installment in the bestselling New Immortals Series. This Steamy Paranormal Romance is Intended for Mature Audiences *** 18+ Only

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Book Boyfriend of the Week

This week’s Book Boyfriend is Weston from Beatrice Brae’s Possessive Billionaire Boss. Get it it here for only $0.99.

“There’s just something so sexy about a man in a nice tailored suit. And when he looked at me with those damn blue eyes, I forgot about everything.”


She made me fall in love with her the moment she waltzed into my office.
Too bad I have to fire her.
Too bad she hates me, because I can’t stay away from her.
I have to make her mine and I always get what I want.

He treated me like an arrogant boss and accused me of unspeakable things from the moment I entered his office.
But when he kissed me and asked for a date, I couldn’t say no.
I can’t fall in love with Weston, can I?

Possessive Billionaire Boss is a short, sweet, and steamy romance featuring an alpha possessive man and the curvy woman he loves. No Cliffhangers.

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